Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Price: $40

Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Energizing… Comforting… Smoothing…

Enjoy the therapeutic benefit of green tea infused spa pedicure that hydrates, detoxifies, and restore your inner energy.  Transform your mood with a fresh scent of green tea aroma.

Green tea nourishes and hydrates while fighting aging and free radical damage.

Feet are softened and refreshed in a green tea soak.  Nourishing mask formulated with nature soothing effect botanicals green tea ingredient will be applied on.  Meanwhile the hot towel helps maintaining the moisture and tightening the skin.

Green tea scrub mixed with tea tree essential oil exfoliates dead skin without drying it out, Callus and other dry stuff are slough off gently, and reveal smooth, baby-soft skin underneath.

The medical affects of tea tree extracts also reduce the skin itchiness and relief foot dullness.

Enjoy a hot stone massage therapy (15mins) with green tea tonic lotion to ultimate hydration, and softening of your feet.

An additional warm paraffin wax for the heels provides extra intense long lasting hydration.

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